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Data. Data. Data. All everyone seems to be talking about nowadays is data and its various applications in our lives. Whether you work in the technology, healthcare, real estate, or financial services industry, chances are you use data in some shape or form to guide your strategic business decisions. But data doesn’t influence our decision-making only at work. Conversely, data plays an even larger part in the day-to-day choices we make in our personal lives, sometimes without us even realizing it — just think of every time you researched the best dinner restaurants on Yelp before committing to a spot…

A note from BWT Founders Eva Benn and Antoaneta Manko:

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we are celebrating our 1st anniversary!

The story of Iva Gumnishka, a Bulgarian entrepreneur, whose passion for human rights led her to starting an award-winning tech company with a social purpose.

Iva Gumnishka (in the middle) with her US Advisors ● Photo by Pyxera Global

Meet Iva, Founder and CEO of Humans in the Loop

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Iva Gumnishka was interested in linguistics and foreign languages from a young age. After graduating from the Spanish High School in Sofia, she decided to continue her education abroad. She moved to New York to study Human Rights at Columbia University, where she discovered her passion for helping others. During her stay in the United States, she became a lot more actively involved in the pursuit of social justice and social change in her local community.

The 2013 refugee crisis in Bulgaria and across Europe…

Antoaneta Manko

I am passionate about data, technology, diversity and inclusion, reading, and healthy living.

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